Evergreen Insurance Services
A new world of Ethical Insurance

Make a different choice, make it Evergreen

Evergreen Insurance Services
A new world of Ethical Insurance

At Evergreen we do things differently. We are an ethical insurance broker with a focus on customer satisfaction whilst helping our friends in the natural world. We can help with either Business Insurance or Personal Insurance, contact one of our friendly team for help.

  • Service. We strive to ensure you receive the best possible service over the life of your policy.
  • Donations. Up to 25% of the commission, we earn, on your policy goes to support Wildlife and Nature Organisations.

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What can donations do?

We support a number of charities with a focus on our natural world and the animals and species within it. The charities spend the money in different ways; rehabilitation of animals, educating people, reducing waste and creating environments for nature to thrive.
Every policy generates a donation. If you want to know what that money can do, click below.

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