How It Works

When you buy an insurance product from Evergreen we are given a commission by the insuring company for selling it. Instead of taking all that commission for ourselves, we give a percentage of it to one of our chosen charity and conservation partners.

We give as much as 25% of the total commission back in the process, helping many great projects and programmes all over the world.
Which charities and partners can I give to? You can to choose from our partner list from organisations where we have agreements in place. However we are constantly looking for environmental programmes, charities and conservation parties to team up with to create a list that you can choose from. Help us by nominating one you care about!

At its heart, Evergreen is an insurance company. We were set up to provide insurance solutions for our client’s needs but to also to “give back” to charity.

We are as passionate about providing great insurance solutions coupled with outstanding service as we are about the natural world and want to help raise much needed funds to protect our precious environment.

Working with a range of industry partners including UK and European universities, institutes and design schools, sustainability leaders and interior designers, the House of Upcycling takes part in many national and local events, spreading the word about the environmental, ethical, economical and aesthetic values of the craft as well as campaigning for the elevation of the standards and status of professional upcycling.  But at its heart, the organisation has always been about supporting and promoting the work of its member artisans – featured below are six founder and nine Council members, all of whom have created successful businesses creating beautiful and functional pieces which celebrate both style and sustainabilit

Firstly, Request a no obligation Quotation

There is no obligation because we want the best solution for our clients. Therefore our job is to provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision.

Secondly, take out a policy and get covered

In the hope that we find you the right cover, instruct us to take out the policy when it’s due. Please do check out the website we do offer a range of different policies.

Finally, choose a charity to help the natural world

As a result of your policy, we receive a commission. Consequently you get to instruct us on the charity you’d like to see us donate to. Check out our friends page.