Ethical Statement

As the global human population grows, and our needs for energy and food intensify, the world is being put under increasing pressure for its natural resources. Many of the world’s most stunning natural wonders are increasingly under threat from this dramatic environmental change.

It is estimated the Amazonian rainforest has shrunk by 20% in the last 20 years alone, while Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has halved in size over the last 30 years. These dramatic changes in the environment are catastrophic for the creatures that have evolved to occupy these habitats, and it puts them in real danger of extinction. Such animals under threat include iconic and charismatic animals, so familiar to many of us, like Lions, Elephants, Rhinoceros’s, Pandas, Gorillas, Orang-utans and Polar bears. Such loss of biodiversity, however, is not just confined to exotic locations; closer to home, here in the UK, we have experienced an 80% decline in heathlands, and only 2% of the UK is now covered in traditional woodland. Similarly, countless familiar species, such as Red Squirrels, Turtle Doves and Hedgehogs, have undergone similar dramatic declines. Many dedicated conservation organisations are working hard to manage habitats, protect species and raise awareness of conservation issues – Evergreen Insurance Services wants to help!

Here at Evergreen Insurance Services we are an environmentally responsible company. I am dedicated to doing my bit to help conservation and wildlife causes, both nationally and internationally, at no extra cost to you, the customer. My mission is to donate up to 25% of the commission earned from purchasing a policy to one of my wildlife conservation partners, regardless of whether you are purchasing your car, home, travel, pet or business insurance with us.

When purchasing your insurance with Evergreen, you have the opportunity to decide which of our conservation affiliates you wish the donation to go to. Full information and details about our affiliate organisations can be found on ‘Our Friends’ page, and we will be providing regular updates on their current projects and activities, detailing how our donations, made possible through you, have been used. I am committed to providing a high quality service, through fair and honest trading, and look forward to building a great personal relationship with my customers.

Donations are made as follows 10% in Yr 1 / 15% in Yr 2 / 25% in Yr 3 and all subsequent years you renew with me.