Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Charity No. 1096812

Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a 24-hour wildlife rescue centre where we take in sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds, with the aim of nursing them back to health.
We regularly admit over 6,000 animals and birds a year and need to raise £477,000 for day to day running costs. Once fully recovered, great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild – in most cases, this means back to the area from where they came, where they may have a mate waiting, or where, at least, they will be familiar with their territory or hunting ground. Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a registered Charity that is dependent on donations from the public and businesses.

You can find out more about Cuan Wildlife by clicking here.

Their website will provide you with more information on the fantastic work they do! Taking out your insurance through us will not only allow us to cover your needs. It will allow us to donate a percentage of our commission to one of our special charities. We are delighted to have Cuan Wildlife as one of our charity partners because the treatment of sick, injured, or orphaned animals is such an important cause to get behind. If this is a cause that you feel is close to your heart, why not choose Cuan Wildlife?

The following percentage of our commission income from the sale of insurance policies – Yr 1 10% / Yr 2 15% / Yr 3 25% is donated to one of our charity partners (as decided by the client) when you buy this item.