Butterfly Conservation

Charity No. 2206468

Butterfly Conservation was formed by a small group of dedicated naturalists in 1968 following the alarming decline of many beautiful butterflies.

Most British butterflies remain a cause for concern, with three quarters of our native species in decline.

Four butterflies and over 60 moths have become extinct in the last 150 years. Butterfly Conservation aim to halt and reverse these declines. Their vision is of a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy. Butterflies are beautiful and intrinsically valuable. Together with moths, their sensitivity to environmental change makes them valuable indicators of the health of the countryside.

Falling numbers are an early warning to all wildlife that cannot be ignored. Butterfly Conservation have more than 30,000 members in the UK and 32 volunteer-run Branches throughout the British Isles. Employing over 50 people, including many highly qualified scientists, make Butterfly Conservation the world’s largest research institute for butterflies and moths. Operating 37 nature reserves and leading or involved in 79 landscape-scale projects to conserve habitats.

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