The Vegan Society

Charity No. 279228

Founded in 1944, The Vegan Society is an educational charity dedicated to promoting veganism and supporting vegans – helping thousands of people to become vegan every year and working tirelessly to give veganism a stronger voice. They support vegans in vulnerable situations, provide educational services and act as a global voice for veganism through their vital campaigning and advocacy work.

The Vegan Society’s mission is to make veganism mainstream with an easily adopted and widely recognised approach to reducing animal suffering and environmental damage. They do so through peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals, organisations and businesses. They achieve this vision and mission by providing information, support, and advice to individuals, health professionals, caterers, manufacturers, and in influencing policy makers. They also fund vegan initiatives set up by members and supporters, and work with volunteers and partners towards making their vision a reality. They work with the media to help reinforce a positive view of veganism and to help a larger audience see that veganism is a rewarding, enjoyable and viable lifestyle.

‘The Vegan Society continues to hold true to the vision of our founding members as we work towards a world in which humans do not exploit other animals. We’re as determined as ever to promote vegan lifestyles for the benefit of animals, people and the environment. ‘

Learn how you can become a member of one of the most trusted – and oldest – vegan organisations in the world.

The Vegan Society


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