Our Partner - Global Wildlife Rescue Project

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Charity No. 1188557

The Global Wildlife Rescue Project came into life in October 2019 after a eureka moment our founding Chair had whilst on holiday in Costa Rica. It was set up by a group of friends who are passionate about wildlife and protecting the natural world. We come from a background of working in animal rescue and conservation – frustrated by seeing wildlife come to harm from avoidable circumstances we have decided to do something about it.

Wildlife is all around us – whether it’s a curious fox exploring an inner city garden, an eagle soaring overhead looking for its next meal, a herd of impala grazing on African plains or a three-toed sloth taking it easy in the branches of a cecropia tree. No matter where in the world you are – open your eyes and you will see wildlife all around you.

Whatever the wildlife is that you see around you – the chances are that their ancestors were here on this land well before yours were. They have as much right to live on this land as we do.

The following percentage of our commission income from the sale of insurance policies – Yr 1 10% / Yr 2 15% / Yr 3 25% is donated to one of our charity partners (as decided by the client) when you buy this item.

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