The Vegetarian Society

Charity No. 259358

The Vegetarian Society are a charity that help people tackle the most important issue facing all of us today: climate change.

We are all responsible for doing our bit and we don’t have long to change things. But there is a simple solution…

Did you know vegetarian food has a significantly lower impact on our environment? If you did, you’ll already know one of the most effective ways you can help the planet is one of the easiest and most enjoyable – eating veggie!

The Vegetarian Society are here to spread the word that the food we eat matters – with every meal we can all do something positive

…and together we can help save the world!

The following percentage of our commission income from the sale of insurance policies – Yr 1 10% / Yr 2 15% / Yr 3 25% is donated to one of our charity partners (as decided by the client) when you buy this item.