Our Partner - Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

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Charity No. 276179

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital admits injured, sick, or orphaned patients direct from the public, from the RSPCA, or from local vets who have pre-assessed patients as needing wildlife care, recuperation and rehabilitation facilities.

Their animal care staff and volunteers undertake this important work with care, compassion, and commitment to patient welfare with the aim of responsibly releasing patients back to the wild once they are fit and healthy. In addition, they answer thousands of phone calls annually from the public to give advice on wildlife welfare.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital receive no government funding and depend entirely on the generosity of their supporters, donors, fund-raising activities, partnership with businesses, and grant applications.

The following percentage of our commission income from the sale of insurance policies – Yr 1 10% / Yr 2 15% / Yr 3 25% is donated to one of our charity partners (as decided by the client) when you buy this item.

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