Where Donations Go

How our donations can support the natural world

The donations generated from the policies you take out with Evergreen go to a range of great causes. When you specify the charity you would like to receive a donation, you may like to know where that money is spent. Every charity that we partner with works tirelessly to help make the natural world a better place.

To date, Evergreen has donated tens of thousands of pounds to various charities. There are other insurance companies that give a small percentage of their profits to good causes but will like to go the extra mile and give up to 25% of our commission to these incredible charities.

Evergreen Donations Cheque

Number of £'s needed to....

Amount needed to pay for an antibiotic injection for a sick animal - £3
Amount needed to pay to remove ticks from a hedgehog - £5
Amount needed to cover the cost of up to 20 caterpillar food plants - £10
Amount needed to x-ray an injured animal - £20
Amount needed to pay to hand rear a baby hedgehog - £60
Amount needed to for overnight winter care for an orphaned hedgehog - £100
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Your support has enabled us to make valuable contributions to many great causes. To give you an idea of where it goes, here is a sample…..

  • Lionaid for their campaign to end trophy hunting and ban the import of Lion Trophies to the UK and EU Countries.
  • Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to enable the creation and restoration of vital wildlife habitats across Wiltshire for wildlife to thrive and people to enjoy.
  • PlayforStrays to enable to the donation of toys and other items to any no-kill animal shelter.
  • Viva! And The Vegetarian Society to run campaigns which highlight those companies who are mistreating animals whilst simultaneously promoting the benefits of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.
  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust to run projects such as Saving Scotland’s Bumblebees and Bees for Everyone.
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