Tradesperson Insurance

A policy to cover your tradesperson needs.

Tradesperson Insurance to suit you

Do you need tradesperson insurance? As a tradesperson you may require this type of policy to cover you against claims made by the public.

You should consider this policy if you are a builder, carpenter, decorator, electrician, plumber or handyman. In other words if you are a sole trader.  Alternatively, does someone else employ you? You should check their policy to see whether you are covered.

Complete Protection for your Trade

There are different types of policies to consider as a tradesperson. For instance:

  • You may wish to take out public liability insurance. This could protect you against claims made by members of the public. For example, you could damage their property. Also there could be injuries in connection with your work.
  • Another type of insurance you may wish to consider is employers’ liability. Firstly, you are required legally to have this policy if you employ staff. Secondly, it can protect you as the employer if you owe compensation.
  • Professional indemnity insurance. This could provide you with protection in the event your client accuses you of offering damaging advice.

Whether on your own property or your clients’ home, you need protection!

For example, a client could trip on your equipment and you could be facing a claim. Small errors may punish you in this trade. Therefore, it makes sense for you to take out a policy. This can be comfort for you, that you are covered.

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Why Insure with Evergreen?

When you buy insurance from Evergreen Insurance Services, you are making the world a better place. Furthermore, it does not cost you anything because your policy generates a donation, from our commission, to one of our amazing charity friends. As a result, you are contributing towards the protection of our natural world for generations to come. We have already donated vast sums which have gone to many great projects. To gain an insight as to what has been achieved, visit our ‘where donations go?’ page.

As part of the SIA group, we have over 25 years experience and thus the expertise to ensure you receive the best possible service. Therefore why not request a quote today!

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