Our Partner - Play for Strays

PlayforStrays is a registered charity and was founded in September 2016 by David Foster with our first ‘proper’ donation going to a Chinese based dog rescue. Based in Northern Ireland, PlayforStrays provides a service to any no-kill animal shelter, globally, by donating toys and other items as deemed necessary at the time.

PlayforStrays also works alongside charitable groups that assist the homeless community by providing coats, harnesses, toys, and food to their beloved animals.

A busy professional, David travels the globe for his employer, an engineering firm.  On these trips David would bring a few toys or treats for the animals found in the streets.

Over time David’s friends and family would offer to give him toys on their behalf and before long half a suitcase was being filled for each trip!

It was then that it was decided to make these donations more official and PlayforStrays was born.  Now, full suitcases of 30kg at a time, or more, are being flown to much-deserving animal rescues across the world.

The concept is a simple one.  Animal rescue charities cannot afford to purchase toys, deemed as luxury over food, electricity and veterinary care.  However, it is scientifically recognised that toys bring positive enrichment, mental stimulation and joy to animals within these shelters.

Charity No. 107276

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