Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike insurance can provide cover if you are involved in an accident on the road.

Type of Insurance Cover

There are three types of motorbike insurance.


Third Party

Whilst usually being the most expensive insurance, it provides the least amount of cover. It will only insure damage caused to others or injury to them. No cover will be provided to yourself or your motorbike.


Third Party, fire and theft

In addition to providing cover to others or injury to them, it will also cover your motorbike if it is damaged or ruined as a result of fire or theft.


Fully Comprehensive

This is the complete cover. In addition to the cover offered by third party, fire and theft, fully comprehensive covers you, your motorbike and other vehicles, drivers and passengers. It can also cover damage to property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a legal necessity to have motorbike insurance unless you are keeping your vehicle on private land. If you are found without motorbike insurance, you could be liable for a fine and penalty points.

We would advise taking out fully comprehensive motorbike insurance. Third party insurance is perceived as being cheaper than fully comp because it provides less cover however this is rarely the case. Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance is the most complete level of cover you can get for your motorbike. It provides protection for accidental damage, fire, theft and any damage to third party property in the event of an accident. It can also cover injury claims.

  • Model Details – the make, model and registration.
  • The age – The year of the motorcycle.
  • Modifications – Any changes to the motorcycle.
  • Age of license – How long you have had your license.
  • Additional Riders– Details of any other riders.
  • Driving History – Accidents, Previous claims, and Convictions over the past five years.

It is cheaper to pay for insurance annually. If paying monthly, we use an external company, Premium Credit, which pay the insurance and then charge you over a 10 month period adding on approximately 9% interest.

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