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Modified 4x4’s used for off roading/green laning

At Evergreen we do things differently. We are an ethical insurance broker with a focus on customer satisfaction whilst helping our friends in the natural world. Every policy, you arrange through us, will generate a donation to support Wildlife and Nature Organisations.

Details of what we can help with:

  1. Modified 4×4’s used for off roading/green laning
  2. Limited mileage policy
  3. Multi vehicle policies to cover – every day use vehicle/s, modified 4×4, classic car, commercial vehicles – all vehicles in one place on one policy



  1. Drivers over 25
  2. For modified 4×4’s must be second vehicle
  3. Modified 4×4’s must be 10 years or older
  4. No limit on modifications
  5. Specialist vehicles are limited mileage up to 5000 pa
  6. Max drivers age 75
  7. Club member discounts
  8. Can combine all vehicles on one policy, even if they currently have different renewal dates
  9. Agreed value on classic vehicles
  10. Can also cater for high value vehicle collections with vehicles values of £50k+
  11. Donations made from every policy arranged through us to help support our natural world

** subject to underwriting terms and conditions, we may not be able to help in all instances but we will do our very best for you **

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