Landlord Insurance

A policy to cover your properties as a landlord

Landlord Insurance to suit you

Do you require landlord insurance for either a single property or a portfolio of properties? This type of policy is designed for rental properties. This can include different types of insurance. For instance, buildings insurance, contents insurance, rental protection insurance, liability insurance, and unoccupied property cover. As a landlord you will want to protect your assets from the different threats that area around. For example:

  • Fire and Theft. Such as, an appliance catching fire could cause damage to the property.
  • Damage to the Structure of your building. For example, a large storm could damage the roof.
  • Damage to kitchens and bathrooms. Such as, damage to tiles, broken cupboards.
  • Furniture and carpets may suffer damage. For Instance, from flooding.
  • Unable to rent out the property due to damage. For example, a broken roof.
  • Court costs for legal claims
  • Vacant periods between tenants
  • Damage by tenants that were accidental
  • The Boiler on the property may not work
  • Rental arrears. For Instance, you may become in a financial situation as a result of rent not being paid.

You can chose to have different areas to your policy, depending what suits you. However, you should always bare in mind that the more areas that you ask for cover in then the higher your premiums may be.

Do I need Landlord Insurance?

The type of policy is not a legal requirement, however it may be a sensible investment. Events could occur that cause damage to your property and if the worst happens you could be left with high costs. This type of policy can give you a real safety net to protect your investment in these instances. In many cases if you take out a buy to let mortgage it would generally be a requirement of the mortgage. 

You may ask whether home insurance could be used instead for this policy. The answer is generally not, this Is because you would not be living in the property. Therefore, you may not be able to monitor the issues that are occurring at the property. Whether this is damp, damage, or you are unable to judge any other problems in the property.

What type of policy do I need?

When looking to take out a landlord policy you may look at which areas that you may wish to cover. Firstly, you may want buildings insurance that will cover the risk of any damage to the building, whether this be flood, fire or and other issues. Secondly, you may wish to consider contents insurance, this type of policy would cover the contents inside your property. For example, this could be anything from damage, breakages or spills.

There are many areas that you may consider, because there is so many different options available to you. In other words, why not get in contact today and we can speak you through the different possible policies that you could get as a landlord.

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Landlord Insurance