Home Insurance

Home (household) insurance provides cover from events that damage your home or possessions. In the event that your home is damaged or destroyed, the correct insurance could result in the insurance company rebuilding your home. It could also assist with replacing your possessions.

Type of Insurance Cover

Home insurance is comprised of buildings insurance and contents insurance, which can be bought separately or together from the same provider.


Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the physical structure of your property, which includes the walls, roof and floors. It also covers any permanent fixtures - internal and external structures are usually covered too.


Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers anything within your home that could be removed and taken to another property – clothes, furniture, fridge and television (carpets are also usually included). There are some exceptions so always check what’s included in the definition of ‘contents’ in your policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on whether you own your home or are renting. If you are a homeowner then you’ll need buildings and contents insurance. If you are renting, you will usually require, just, contents insurance.

Landlords will require Buildings insurance to cover the property/ properties they are renting out.

  • Current home insurance policy documents
  • The rebuild value of your home
  • Details of the property
  • The level of cover you need

It is cheaper to pay for insurance annually. If paying monthly, we use an external company, Premium Credit, which pay the insurance and then charge you over a 10 month period adding on approximately 9% interest.

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