Gadget Insurance

A policy to cover to cover all gadget needs

A policy to cover to cover all gadget needs

It may be a good idea to consider gadget insurance. If you are forgetful or accident-prone, this could be a wise investment. For instance, if you think you may leave your phone or camera somewhere or drop your laptop.

Some devices are expensive and difficult to replace. Insurance covers you from damage from liquids and spillage for instance, dropping your phone in water. Mechanical damages such as faulty hardware or theft and loss. Therefore, it is well worth working out what your gadgets are worth. In addition, what they would cost to replace. Older phones and laptop do not have great financial value but a new smart phone and high spec laptop could be very costly to replace.

Give us a call to discuss if it’s better to add this on to your existing contents insurance. It may, however, be beneficial to take out a separate policy depending on the items you wish to cover.

Complete Protection for your Gadgets

Gadget Insurance can cover gadgets and handheld devices. This can be inside or outside of the home. This can protect against theft, loss and accidental damage. In some instances it may cover mechanical breakdown. These include items such as mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and many other devices.

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Why Insure With Evergreen?

When you buy insurance from Evergreen Insurance Services, you are making the world a better place. Furthermore, it does not cost you anything because your policy generates a donation, from our commission, to one of our amazing charity friends. As a result, you are contributing towards the protection of our natural world for generations to come. We have already donated vast sums which have gone to many great projects. To gain an insight as to what has been achieved, visit our ‘where donations go?’ page.

As part of the SIA group, we have over 25 years experience and thus the expertise to ensure you receive the best possible service. Therefore why not request a quote today!

Gadget Insurance