Environment Impairment Liability Insurance

A policy to cover you against possible threats to the Environment.

Environment Impairment Liability Insurance to suit you

Environment Impairment Liability Insurance (also known as EIL) is designed to protect your business from environmental risks. We all need to be aware of the threats facing our environment and therefore take the appropriate steps to prevent and even reverse recent trends. If you work in a sector that has environmental risks attached such as the handling of chemicals, waste products, and emissions, then you will need to deal with these areas responsibly.

In 2009 laws were brought in by the government regarding Environmental Damage Regulations. Therefore, if you were responsible for any form of pollution then you will pay the price for doing so. For example, if you polluted by leaving waste products, then you would be responsible for the cleanup. In addition, you would also be responsible for the costs to reinstate plants and wildlife in the affected area.

Do I need this type of policy?

Because of the introduction of such laws, you now have to consider whether you would require this type of policy. Therefore, you can now purchase an EIL policy to cover you for firstly, clean up costs that you may be required to pay and secondly, legal costs if you need to defend your business’ case about possible pollution. For example, if you were to receive a fine for breaking these laws then this would not be covered by your policy. However, it could cover the costs of third party damage. It could also could compensate you for any loss business that you may suffer as a result.

Some public liability policies do not cover you for such breaches. For this reason, EIL Insurance was introduced to provide you with the best possible protection. For Instance, if you were to cause a spillage, public liability insurance may cover the costs of harm to individual or the properties. However, damage may occur to waterways which are not owned by a member of the public so in this instance, you could be liable.

Accidental pollution damage could be a slow-burning case. In other words, you may be held responsible for a case years later. For example, it could be a slow oil leak that doesn’t get to a point that is harmful and causing effect till years later. So If you choose to take out this policy it will protect you against possible historical damage.

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Should I pay monthly or annually?
It is cheaper to pay for insurance annually. If paying monthly, we use an external company, Premium Credit, which pay the insurance and then charge you over a 10 month period adding on 9.5% interest.
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Why Insure with Evergreen?

When you buy insurance from Evergreen Insurance Services, you are making the world a better place and it does not cost you anything. Every single policy generates a donation, from our commission, to one of amazing charities. As a result, you are helping protect our natural world for generations to come. We have already donated vast sums which have gone to many great projects. To gain an insight as to what has been achieved, visit our ‘where donations go?’ page.

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