Another big thank you to Evergreen Insurance Services

This company deserves all our praise. They are a relatively new and growing company with ethics at its heart and a firm commitment to wildlife conservation.
We were chosen as one of their partners which means that customers taking out insurance policies with them can choose LionAid as one of their wildlife partners to receive a percentage of Evergreen’s commission on the policy that has been taken out.
Like clockwork, every quarter a very welcome cheque pops through our letterbox from Evergreen – our share of commissions earned by Evergreen where LionAid was chosen as the beneficiary charity.

On a personal level, I can also recommend Evergreen, as I have become one of their customers and have found them to be very efficient and caring in their approach – and providing very competitive quotes. And they are on hand to help and support when I’ve needed to claim.

So another big thank you for the latest cheque and I hope you continue to go from strength to strength. We have not come across that many companies who put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting wildlife conservation. This company does!!!