Where do Donations go?

Our charities work on a number of different projects. Have a look to see what a difference the donations can make to different Animals.

  • £3 can pay for an antibiotic injection for a sick animal.
  • £5 can pay to remove ticks from a hedgehog.
  • £10 could cover the cost of up to 20 caterpillar food plants.
  • £20 can x-ray an injured animal.
  • £60 can pay to hand rear a baby hedgehog.
  • £100 pays for overnight winter care for an orphaned hedgehog.

Which other animals can we help?


£10 helps feed a baby elephant for two weeks.

£50 pays for a week of emergency medical care.

£150 pays for a month of emergency medical care.


£10 covers the daily allowance of rangers on the ground.

£50 helps fund Anti -poaching training.

£100 provide a GPS to a tracker.


£10 funds a rangers sleeping bag.

£50 provide a ranger with a camera.

£100 provides a ranger with a walkie talkie.


£10 provides basic care for a day

£50 provides basic care for a day

£100 provides basic care for a day

Painted Dogs

£10 provides food for one rescued dog for a day.

£50 funds the cost of one child to attend a four-day educational programme.

£100 provides all the kit needed for one ranger.



Snow Leopards

£10 can fund the GPS data transfer from one snow leopard collar for a month.

£50 can purchase hand-made products from a family of herders for one year.

£150 can purchase binoculars.

Our Charities


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