Directors and Officers Insurance

A policy to cover all your Directors and Officers.

Complete Protection for Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers Insurance provides insurance to meet your needs. Are you a company director or officer? If you are then you may have extra responsibilities. For example, this could be a responsibility to your employees, members of the public or investors. As a result, you need to cover yourself in the event that things could go wrong for your company. However, this type of policy, also known as management liability insurance, makes sure that you are protected.

This is a type of policy will protect you against claims that you may be liable for as a director or partner. For instance, a claim may be made by the public or an employee in regards to health and safety. This could be due to negligence or defamation. Consequently, this type of policy can cover you against the costs of defending or settling these claims.

When should I get it?

You may ask the question, when should I take out this insurance? However it is impossible to predict when a claim should be made so it’s better to be safe and be constantly protected. That is to say, if you take out this policy it can give you a safety net to know that you are protected against the possible legal costs, fines or compensation you may face in the future.

How much cover do I need?

This is a question that has varying answers because every persons situation is different. Therefore, you will need a level of cover that suits you. In essence, this will depend on what you do for a living and what risks are you exposed to. As a result, you could require cover from £100,000 to £10 million. You may want some specialist advice so please get in contact today. In summary, we will look to find you the best cover at the most competitive price.

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Why Insure with Evergreen?

When you buy insurance from Evergreen Insurance Services, you are making the world a better place. Furthermore, it does not cost you anything because your policy generates a donation, from our commission, to one of our amazing charity friends. As a result, you are contributing towards the protection of our natural world for generations to come. We have already donated vast sums which have gone to many great projects. To gain an insight as to what has been achieved, visit our ‘where donations go?’ page.

As part of the SIA group, we have over 25 years experience and thus the expertise to ensure you receive the best possible service. Therefore why not request a quote today!

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