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Compass Environmental Consultancy

Having spent over 25 years protecting the environment from pollution and responding to environmental incidents we are passionate about working with businesses to prevent pollution of the environment from their operational activities.

We recognise that the commercial environment and the natural environment are closely interlinked often only separated by a short length of drain pipe! We also appreciate that there are often huge commercial pressures on productivity, quality, margins and profitability. However, the commercial P&L impact of polluting the environment can be catastrophic for businesses with unlimited fines, prosecution, clean-up costs and reputational damage.

Your insurances may pick up elements of these costs, but the damage can put your business into a tail spin.

Why take the chance? We believe it is commercially prudent and socially responsible to be proactive about managing environmental risk. So, working together with Evergreen Insurance Services we have developed an Environment Protection Package to protect your business and the environment.

There are 2 simple steps – Prevention & Preparedness

Firstly, we conduct an Environmental Risk Management Survey to understand your business operation and your site setting. We check storage of potential pollutants and compliance with environmental legislation. We identify poor practices, failing infrastructure and risks which could give rise to pollution. We provide pollution prevention guidance and prioritise risks so that funds can be directed to where they are needed most. We can implement fully costed solutions to minimise pollution risk and ensure compliance.

Next, we review Incident Preparedness. Does your site have a spillage response plan? Do you have spill kits available and are your staff trained how to use them? We can help you with all of these matters and as a final safety net we put in place a 24/7 Spillage Response Service at no charge to your business until you need to call on us.

Minimising the risk of causing pollution and being prepared should the worst happen protects your business financially and reputationally and demonstrates commitment to protecting the environment in support of ISO accreditations.

Good operational practices also minimise the risk of your business activities creating a pollution legacy. This can be vital if you come to sell your business or exit a site. We can work with you to maximise land value and simplify Environmental Due Diligence in support of your business sale, expansion or acquisition of a new business. When it comes to the environment we are Good People to Know.

Compass and Evergreen share a vision around encouraging environmentally responsible business operations so we are delighted to be working in partnership to provide protection, guidance and advice to your business in support of your profitable growth.

Stewart Ower BSc(Hons), C.WEM, MCWEM

For more information about Compass Environmental Consultancy, please visit them at: www.compassenviro.co.uk

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Are you planning your next holiday - did you know you can arrange your travel insurance online via the Evergreen Insurance Services website?- click here evergreeninsuranceservices.co.uk/ and choose the quote and buy option - help support nature, wildlife and animals at the same time - enjoy your holiday. ... See MoreSee Less

Are you planning your next holiday - did you know you can arrange your travel insurance online via the Evergreen Insurance Services website?- click here https://evergreeninsuranceservices.co.uk/ and choose the quote and buy option - help support nature, wildlife and animals at the same time - enjoy your holiday.
Check out our interview with Ethical Hedonist Magazine and learn more about Evergreen Insurance Services and how we are helping to support our natural world Colin Baker Endangered Lion Aid Bumblebee Conservation Trust Dorset Wildlife Trust Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust The Mammal Society BTO British Trust for Ornithology Viva! Animal Aid

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